About the writer:

My name is Christoph, im 33yrs old and im from germany.

I started playing the series at first only with OFP and then got back to Arma 2 by the time of Operation Arrowhead release.
The editor of OFP fascinated me back then even more than the game itself did.
This fascination instantly hit me again when i came back to visit the series with Arma2/OA. 
Since then i steady keep diggin mods, missions and scripts almost every week a bit. Even if i dont play arma for some time, i still frequently check the community pages to see whats going on.

Ive done some article writing back in school and after that for some small local magazines.
Besides that i wrote songs and produced many hours of music with reason, cubase etc. means i have a naturally high affinity for software tools.
I maybe understand the basic technical side of creating arma content, but at the end i know, im a selfeducated, half noob/half amateur when it comes to scripting or coding.

What i always try to do: keep being fascinated and interested like a little child.
In other words i always try to understand new things.

Arma shows how people start to create thier own worlds, if you just let them. You can be creative in countless different ways and countless players have made thier own ideas come true through this game.
Writing this blog is my way to give something back, because ive taken so manymanymany gigabytes for free.

This blog was build to share the views of the people playing and creating Arma.

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